In Shut Up, Jason, Sandagon shares short stories about love, lust, lost dogs, a young elderly couple and much more. The book is guaranteed to make you giggle and remember how the little things in life can make you feel the best.


In a compilation of short stories, thoughts, anecdotes and drawings, Sandagon shares with you the inner workings of his, what doctors are calling, clinically insane mind.


When asked about the title Sandagon said, "The title comes from the everyone always telling me to shut up when I try to tell a story or make up some sort of lie..."



It was cold and lonely in the deep dark night but Marnie could see Paradise, Nevada by the dashboard light as she looked out of the windshield of her car. She thought to herself, “There it is, right over the edge of this cliff.” She had never been to Paradise and she really wanted to go. It was a dream of hers. Well, isn’t it everyones dream to live in Paradise? Everyones paradise is different but her paradise was Paradise and she would give anything to live in Paradise. But, how was she supposed to live there if she was right on the other side of it? She knew what she had to do.


“Have you ever wondered what it would be like if comedian/writer Jason Sandagon would just spew his thoughts into a book? No. Well this is that book. It is sure to delight you and tickle you in all the right places.”

 -Jason Sandagon


“Who’s Jason Sandagon?”

- A Guy On the Street


“I read the whole thing in a day so, that’s good.”

 -Book Reviewer